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Last week me and the team at My Babiie hired a photo studio close to us for a very quick photo-shoot of some new stock. We wanted to be in and out within the hour and the studio we found, Photoshoot Studiohire was perfect for our needs!


Photoshoot Studiohire is a small studio based in Southborough, who let you hire their studio by the hour. It was a perfect set-up for product photography, having a large, clean, white backdrop and lights all set up ready to use.


The owner, Paul Meyer, was very helpful and welcoming. With me being a bit of a novice at product photography he helped me to set up my camera (a Canon EOS 350D), connect it to the lighting system and give me some pointers on getting a good shot. With that, we were left alone to carry out our shoot which turned out a great success. We only had a few products to photograph and I took my youngest, Harley, along to the shoot and he even managed to stay awake for the whole hour (a bit of a rarity for him being the lazy toad he is!), meaning we could get some nice lifestyle shots to go with the products. We’re looking forward to the arrival of all out stock and getting them up on our website at My Babiie and also up on the Mothercare website.

We will definitely be using the Photoshoot Studiohire again in Southborough for upcoming photo shoots, it was so reasonable on price and a fantastic set-up.

My Babiie Pushchair highchair